my name


letters bend red as my krylon sprays

history, click-clacking. brick-tagging, i

sign the night. the world proclaims my name


in the syncopated cadence of face

less fame. rehearsing obscurity, all my

letters bend red as my krylon sprays


lines drawn straight—my right arm tamed

watching my cruder legacies dry.

sign the night, the world proclaims. my name


isn’t mine. it belongs to every place

i trace it. each building on my block feels why

letters bend red. as my krylon sprays


out its blood-shot eye, my hazel heeds blame

seeking followers who pray to solve the signs

i signed. the night / the world proclaim my name


for all to admire. you could erase

me today, but tomorrow you’ll find the same

letters bending red, as my krylon sprays,

signing the night / the world. proclaim my name.